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This depends largely on the amount and the type of points or miles sold. We pride ourselves with consistently offering the most competitive rates in the industry.  

Yes.  While the airlines prefer that customers themselves use the miles they earn, there is no law restricting their sale.

You get paid immediately. Unlike most other brokers in the business, there’s no such thing as a 2-4 week waiting period with Miles in Motion.  As soon as the points are taken out of your account, we cut you a check!  It’s that simple.  Forms of payment are discussed prior to the sale of any points and include check, direct deposit, wire transfer, or PayPal.


The safety of your information is our number one concern.  We work carefully and diligently using the most technologically innovative solutions to secure the information of our customers.  Your information is always kept confidential.  Additionally, we are one of the only brokerages in the industry to invest in SSL encryption, ensuring the safety of your information.  There’s a good reason why were rated #1 in customer satisfaction and have the most recurring business out of any mileage broker in the industry!

Typically, rewards programs offer poor returns on rewards points.  Although one can get a “free” iPad or the like, these are offered at extremely low redemption values, typically half a cent or less per point.  Furthermore, if you have ever tried using your points for a flight then you already know that airlines have exclusions and black-out days that make it quite difficult for you to actually use your hard earned miles.

That’s where we come in.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between individuals and businesses with excess airline miles and reward points and specialized travel agents that actually use these miles.  By brokering your reward points and airline miles in a safe and secure manner, we can afford to pass along the best rates in the rewards points industry to our valued customers.  Miles in Motion will buy your points for at least double the value, and then you can choose to buy whatever you would like, or fly wherever and whenever you want!

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